Freimund, Jackson & Tardif, PLLC, is a litigation firm with over 90 years combined trial and appellate experience in state and federal courts. Our primary practice areas are the defense of tort, civil rights, and employment claims against public agencies and officials.

Freimund, Jackson & Tardif, PLLC, also defends lawsuits against non-profit and private defendants. The expertise of the firm’s partners in the defense of the most difficult high exposure cases against government is a foundation for the defense of similar kinds of lawsuits against private and non-profit defendants.

In addition to our extensive experience in tort litigation, the partners in the firm possess a wealth of experience in the regulatory, administrative, labor, and criminal prosecution functions of government. We accept cases involving legal challenges to government programs under either state or federal law. The firm provides advice to governments on liability-related litigation and program challenges, and on issues of insurance and risk management. We provide liability and risk management training to public and private entities in the area of tort, civil rights, and employment liabilities.

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